Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Cloudy and Cold, Water temperature 54* and Clear.
Brian called yesterday and said he would get rained out of work this morning so he had the morning off. I wanted to get out for a couple hours also to find some fish for tomorrow's clients so Brian met me and we hit the water at 5:30. We caught 100 Herring on the second throw and were done with bait. Since this morning was a practice outing I wanted to fish places that I have not been fishing to locate fish for future clients. On our first stop we set out a large spread and pulled about a mile working the humps, points and flats in the area. The wind was already blowing out of the East so I did not expect to catch a lot of fish but was hoping to tempt some larger fish into hitting. Brian wanted only to get fish for tonights dinner so we were going to release everything we caught anyway. On our first pull we took hits and caught fish over 4 feet out to 25 feet of water, no rhyme or reason or anything resembling a pattern. I decide to make a move and hit an area that was loaded with baitfish. We took a couple hits right away, pulled our baits a couple hundred more yards then everything started going off. All we wanted to do was get out of there without sticking too many fish but I could not move the boat fast enough. Well, it was a fun ending for the morning. We caught about 15 Stripers and a couple of Bass, all but one unlucky Striper were returned to the lake.

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