Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mark, Troy and Dave

Cloudy and Windy, Water temperature 50 *.
Met the guys early and caught bait by daylight. We went to a spot in a bay where I knew boat traffic would be at minimum and set out our baits. I picked the spot solely to stay away from other fisherman and to see how much boat traffic there would be this morning before I picked an area to work. Within a couple minutes Mark jumped on a rod and started to battle a nice Striper. Before he got his in Troy hooked up as well. Next thing I knew Dave was running to the back of the boat to grab a rod. Not a bad start by 6:30 this morning. We worked the area for 2 hours taking another dozen hits before deciding to make a move. The wind was calm this morning early but by 8 it had starting getting up pretty well. We set up pulling numerous humps with boards but the wind was steadily increasing. We hit one hump and for almost 75 yards we saw nothing but fish on the Lowrance but could only short hits over the area. We turned and hit it again picking up a couple but I knew when we hit it the first time the fish were not in a feeding mood. We worked the area till we got blown off, went and caught some more bait and tried to set up out of the wind, but not with much luck. Today we took about 50 strikes, mostly short hits, boated 12 Stripers, a Bass and a couple of Cats. We fished till we ran out of bait and called it a day. Troy is going back home to take a nap, Dave is babysitting his kids and Mark, he just wants to get into that Brisket that had been smoking all morning.

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