Wednesday, September 21, 2011

David "Chief" Gilchrist and Steve

Cloudy and Calm, Water Temperature 74* and Clear.

David recently bought a house on the lake and wanted to take his friend Steve out to catch a couple Stripers so I picked them up at 5am and went looking for bait. I was praying I could have the right bait by daylight this morning because the major feed today was early. As luck would have it bait was tough. We got lucky when Steve saw some trees up on the bank that he wanted to inspect. I took him over to the bank to drop him off and found the bait I was looking for. After a few throws we were ready to catch some fish. It was already 8 but there were not many boats out and it was cloudy so I felt the fish would not be too spooky. Once I hit the area that I wanted to fish we started hooking up with Stripers. On our first pass we caught the three Stripers that the guys are holding in the picture. We continued to fish till we ran out of baits so we attempted to catch more bait but again struggled for quite awhile. We put our spread out again and caught some very nice Stripers on the same pattern as we did this morning. We stayed away from the punks today and concentrated on catching decent fish and had a great time doing it. I can only imagine the day we could have had if bait was not such an issue.

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