Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dominique, Hayden, Ian, Alex and Thomas

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 74* and Clear.
Dom's mother Carol wanted to take her son and a few of his friends fishing for his birthday so she set up this trip for today. We were concerned about the rain today, it was forecasted to have thunderstorms all morning but we got lucky, it never rained a drop. After fishing today, I kind of wish it had of rained to keep some of the boaters off the water. There were 3 bass tournaments with boats on every point and by 8 there were skiers and jet skiers buzzing us. A jet skier took out 3 of my planner boards on one side while another boater circled for an hour pulling 2 tubes. A friend Anthony was also out and he had a nut take out his whole side of boards! The kids took advantage of all the waves and had fun trying to rock the boat and knock each other over. Although it was not the best fishing day and the fish did not cooperate with us the boys had fun all day, they never slowed down. I am sure they are going to sleep good tonight, after getting up at O dark thirty and fishing all day they left the marina headed for Bass Pro Shops then had to go back to Gainsville this evening.

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