Monday, May 07, 2012

Ryan, Aric, Zack, Brian, Bob and Billy

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 74* and Clear.
We hit the water at 4:45 and went to catch bait. By daylight we had over 50 beautiful pieces so we took off and headed for an area where we could not see any boats. I set a spread of a dozen boards and a bobber out and proceeded to pull flats. We ran into an area where we started seeing fish on the Lowrance and for the next 4 hours we hooked up about once every 10 minutes or so. We fished the area till an Osprey started hitting our baits when fish would rise them to the surface and after it killing 5 different baits we had to get everything in and move. I went and filled the bait tank up again with bait and set up in a different area. I told the guys this spot could be better than the first area we worked. I had only gotten out a few boards when we started hooking up again. For the next 3 hours we duplicated this mornings action. We had quite the day, fishing was excellent and action was great. Once this afternoon a Striper was chasing a big Gizz up on the surface and next thing we knew a Blue Heron flew down and took the bait from the fish! We experienced it all today. The guys only kept a third of what we hooked up today, releasing the others to fight again. By the end of the day everyone was wore out and ready to give it up. Bob is pictured holding up a nice Striper while Billy is thinking "Why didn't I pick up that rod!"

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