Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shawn, Big Al and John

Cloudy and Misty morning turning into Sunny and warm afternoon, Water Temperature 74* and Clear
I met the guys at 5am and off we went to catch bait. It was another difficult morning throwing for bait and after 2 hours we had about 40 beautiful baits in the tank. We drove to an area that I wanted to fish but there was already another boat there so I turned around and set up somewhere else. We put out about 15 lines rigged with big Gizzards and pulled a variety of structures ranging from 6 to 40 feet deep. For some reason the fish this morning were lethargic, they would roll the bait without taking it. We would only hook up on maybe half of our strikes. After running out of bait again we caught more and set up in a different area taking a lot of action till boat traffic turned the fish off. John caught this huge Bass over 20 feet of water on a live bait.  We all had a fun day on the water.

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