Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Stewart and Mark

Cloudy, Hot, Water temperature 74* and clear.
I got out early on the water to catch bait but a thunderstorm blew through scattering the bait. I had caught about 30 baits but wanted to start with more so I picked the guys up and threw till we had about 50. It was too late for me to go where I originally wanted to fish so I set out a spread at the mouth of a creek where there were no boat to interfere with my spread. We started taking hits not up in the shallows but over deeper areas on breaklines. We had steady action for about 2 hours before the bite subsided. We went and caught more bait later in the day and set up in a main lake area but fishing had slowed down considerably. The bottom picture is Mark holding a Bass he caught over 25 feet of water on a Gizzard Shad. Stewart in the middle picture is holding a Citation Bass that he caught on a Hollow body swim bait nearby where Mark caught his fish. Today they caught 12 Stripers, kept 9 to eat and released 3. We also caught numerous Catfish today. Today is Marks birthday and my daughter Emily gave him this trip.


Mark said...

Jim Was looking at your site and realized I never commented on our trip. What a great time we had and thank you for putting us on the fish. Thanks to Emily for a memorable birthday present. To the other anglers out there who may read this. If you want to catch some fish Jim is the guy you want to take you out and put you on the fish. He works hard to catch bait and ensures you a great time on the water. Just make sure you listen to him cause what he tells you will happen if you don't..... does !!! :-) thanks again for a great trip out on the water. Mark

Jim Hemby said...

What do I owe you for that comment?
Just kidding, thank you