Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michael,, Craig, Charles, Scott the Groom, Nik and Raj

Sunny and warm, Water Temperature 84* and Clear
Today was newlywed Scotts buddy fishing trip for Stripers on the Lake. He got married last week to the most beautiful woman on the lake, Sara. I had caught bait early this morning and picked the guys up at 6am on their docks. They have been partying all week and some of them had not even gone to bed for the night. That did not stop them from bringing a cooler of beer on board nor did it dampen their spirits for wanting to catch some Stripers. I had a plan to do something different so I drove to where I wanted to set up a spread of boards and before I could get my trolling motor down I glanced at my Lowrance and saw a major school of fish right up on the bank. I had not even had time to explain how to put baits out or anything so I scrambled trying to get as many baits in the water as quickly as I could. Before I knew it fish started breaking all around me so I struggled to get my topwater baits untangled so we could catch some on top. I asked if anyone knew how to cast and got no reply so I fired the bait out to the Stripers, twitched it twice and it got clobbered. I handed it off to Scotty and picked up another topwater with intentions of throwing it into the action but downlines started to hook up. If this sounds like action this was just the beginning, this went on from daylight to 8 o'clock when we ran out of bait. I went and caught more bait but the feed was essentially over, we fished a couple more hours and took about 6 or 8 more hits. Poor Nik, every time he would grab a rod with a fish on it he would loose the fish. Every time he would loose a fish the guys were a little bit more high and they would harass him more and more. Nik was cussing in English most of the time but toward the end he was saying some words in Greek that I could not understand but knew the meanings to. Once when he was trying to get a fish in Scotty attempted to stuff a 8 inch Gizzard down Niks pants. I think that brought Nik some good luck, he finally reeled in a nice Striper to end the morning of fishing and fun. This morning was a special morning, some of Scotts friends had never fished before plus this was a morning when they could get away from the girls and let it all hang out. Everyone was in great spirits and had a great time. Best wishes to Scott and Sara, may they be as lucky in love as their parents are.

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