Monday, September 09, 2013

Crazy Weekend


Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 82* and Clear
Yesterday [Sunday] we picked our clients up at 5 then went and caught bait. We set up over 32 feet of water working a ledge that was holding fish. We made a couple passes on the area taking hits and catching a few Stripers. We were about to hit it again when a guy in a Bass boat who had no clue how to trim his boat out came porpoising right through the small area we were working. Naturally that turned the fish off there so we had to move on to work other areas. Andrew and Gavin are pictured holding the first fish of the day that they caught. The bottom picture was taken on the point at the mouth of pigeon creek. This weekend warrior drove his boat right up over the rip rap and 10 yards up onto the bank! You can see the prop marks going through the rocks and digging out the dirt going up the hill. Hopefully no one got hurt. This and other inconsiderate boaters are reasons to fish during the week, not only is fishing better then but the lake is much safer, serene and enjoyable. 


Anonymous said...

Accidents happen whether the week or the weekend. The poor couple to whom this boat belonged did get hurt. It is rude to post a picture of their mishap and comment in such an ignorant manner!

Anonymous said...

It's not ignorant to post this picture, it is still sitting there in the wide open for all to see. I'm not affiliated with Mr. Hemby, but this is a tragic accident people can learn from. I sure hope the people are going to be ok, but I think Mr. Hemby is just trying to show everyone the dangers and carelessness that can happen. I'm sure if you are your family was hit by this person, you would fell the same!! I use this lake a lot early in the morning and I'm just glad this boater did not hurt anyone else.