Saturday, September 21, 2013

Smoked 'Um

Jimmy and Jim

Cloudy, drizzle, rain, Water temperature 75* and Clear.
Guide Tony took the Jim's out today for a day of "Catching" on the Lake. The bad weather must have kept most boaters off of the Lake which was a good thing, Tony could fish where he wanted to without any boats to spook the fish he was working. As you can see by this heavy stringer the fish are now in their fall patterns and feeding up before the winter hits. They lost count of how many fish they caught but they had a great day. Looks like Jimmy is having a problem holding up his side of the stringer. Live bait is the ticket for stringers of Stripers like these on the lake, and this is only the beginning of a live bait bite that will last for many months to come. There are plenty of punks breaking on the lake now for artificial fisherman to cast to but most of the fish are less than 18 inches.

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Jimmie said...

tony is the man thanks to tony & Jim for a great day of fishing if u want to go out with the best on the lake book a trip with Jim Hemby