Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Whole lot of Testosterone

 Anthony and DP

A nice catch of Gizzards

Sunny and Warm, Water temperature 83* and Clear
DP called me yesterday morning and said he needed more fish for his annual fish fry that he is having this Sunday. He needed 12 more fish to feed his crowd so I agreed to go. He also called Anthony and he met us at the marina at 3pm. Three guides on one boat..... that's a lot of Testosterone, ideas, wishes, wants, arguments, kidding, just to name a few issues created by three "know it all's". Since we were taking one of my boats I decided to listen to what they wanted to do and make decisions according to what we mainly wanted to accomplish, put fish in the livewell for the picnic. DP wanted to catch Herring in order to catch a lot of fish. We hit the first creek we came to and with the aid of my new Structure Scan on my trolling motor we located a school of Herring in about 2 minutes. DP grabbed the net, saw the bait on the front SS, made a toss and put 100 Herring in the boat. Now Anthony does not want to fool around with Herring and prefers using big Gizz to catch quality fish and to avoid the punks. We used my new Lowrance and Structure Scan on the bow to locate and catch some very nice Gizzards and put them in my other bait tank. Now they both were happy, I told them to sit down and shut up and I would find some Stripers using my new Simrad on my console. We located some hugging the bottom in 25 feet of water so we set out a couple of down lines right on the bottom. After catching 5 or 6 real quick and only catching 1 keeper we made a move. As I looked for schools I noticed most fish on ledges in 20 to 25 feet of water. I decided to hit a very small ledge next to a migration route going in the blind, not looking for fish first but simply setting up over the break and pulling it. We set out a few lines then DP asked why I was fishing this particular ledge. Just as he completed his sentence the rod doubled over behind him and I said, "That's Why". We worked the ledge for about an hour catching about 20 fish. We had a successful quick afternoon, DP got his meat for the cookout, Anthony got to run his Gizz and catch some nice fish, and I got to give them both grief for a few hours. Just kidding, we enjoyed being together and getting our "Striper fix" for the week.  Can't wait to do it again.

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