Friday, August 08, 2014

Lowrance HDS Screen Shots

 Clients often ask what Stripers look like on the screen when I am running at speeds. In this pic we were catching Stripers on the bottom in 25 feet of water. I decided to move so in the middle of the screen is the disturbance of my motor when I got up on plane. The right side of the pic near the bottom shows what the Stripers look like at 15 mph.

 This is a shot of a school of Stripers where all of our rods hooked up once we got over the flat. On the left side of the screen the boat was over the channel where we did not take any hits. As I came up onto the feeding flat we started taking hits then all of our rods hooked up on the right side of the screen. I popped this pic as I was netting fish. You can also see on the side scan many more fish to the right side of the boat. Yea, I maneuvered the boat to the right and continued to hook up.

 In this shot I had already looked for schools but none were developed yet. Stripers were scattered all over a 33 foot flat suspending a couple of feet off the bottom. You may notice in my history bar that I had been working the flat for quite some time. The fish were not feeding aggressively but we hooked up about every 5 minutes or so.

This is a picture of the old railroad trestle at the splits. On the blue side scan screen up top you can clearly see the old slabs of concrete off to the sides of the boat. This is an instance where you can see something hard on the bottom on the sonar screen but the structure screen clearly defines what is 40 feet under the boat. These pics are click-able which may help you see more clearly.   

Greentop is having a big sale next week and Saturday, August 16th is Customer Appreciation Day. I will be there in the electronics department helping anglers choose the right unit for their needs and also helping owners of Lowrance with questions they may have. There will be good deals going on in all departments. If you want a new Lowrance but can't afford one now consider knocking the dust off of a couple of your old firearms and trading them in to the gun dept. Now is the time to put a new depthfinder on your boat to be ready for the fall season.

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