Sunday, August 17, 2014


 This screen shot was from very early this morning. Today is my first day using this new product and this shot was taken prior to me dialing in the unit. The blue side scan screen shows Stripers on both sides of the boat. The sonar screen shows our bait and sinker at 25 feet most of the way across the screen but it disappeared when we got close to the school of Stripers on the right side of the screen.

 In this shot we had come out of the Stripers but still was around plenty of bait. Note in the side scan screen bait [small verticle dashes] to the left side of the boat and Stripers [larger dashes] on the right side of the boat. The school of bait about a third of the way across the screen is a school of Herring with a nice Striper below it and just past midway of the screen is a school of Gizzard Shad. This pic and the one above this one was taken with not enough gain [Sensitivity], but I adjusted it for the next two pics.

 This is a shot of some random Stripers around a tight school of bait on the left and below a broken up school of bait towards the right side of the sonar screen. For those of you who want to know where I am fishing I have my coordinates up on my information bar.

In this shot we were throwing for bait. The Gizz were on the left side of the screen with a cloud of Threadfin above them and look what was right beside the bait....

Since the company was started for more than 60 years ago, Simrad has grown to be the world's most recognized brand in professional fish finding equipment.
Based in Norway and a part of Kongsberg Maritime AS, Simrad manufactures advanced sonars, echo sounders and catch monitor instrumentation for the world's fishing fleet.
Simrad is also a world leader in equipment for fishery research equipment. Single and multibeam echo sounders and sonars are used on research vessels all around the world. Scientists rely on Simrad's technology and accurate readings. Simrad is a sister company to Lowrance owned by Navico. Simrad is introducing its line into the fresh water market and Anthony and myself have been chosen to field test the units being Pro Staff for Navico. We will continue to use Lowrance products and post screen shots of both brands. As I become more familiar with the new products I will review them on this site. The unit that I am using is a NSS12 EVO 2 Touchscreen. In the future I will explain some of the features that I may or may not like. My heart lies with Lowrance which I have used exclusively since 1986 and will continue to. After all it has put me on a couple fish over my career. We are excited to test Simrad and to work with Navico and also Greentop Sporting Goods who sells Navico products.

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