Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A couple of nice one's.

 Carson and Rick Hogue

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water temperatures 52* and Stained
I got out on the water this morning very early to catch bait and after 2 1/2 hours all I had to show for my efforts were 8 Herring. I met the guys at High Point at 7 then headed up to catch bait. I made 6 or 8 throws, filled the tank up and set out a spread of boards. Fish were not feeding well and all we fished was a half a day but the quality is better than quantity some days. The two fish they are holding hooked up at the same time. Carson boated his fish first then I started teasing Rick to get his up to the boat, he had already wrapped up two other lines and I was afraid it would break off. After the fish took him around the boat it rolled and we saw why he was having a problem getting the fish in. The fish weighed 17.5 and was 34 1/2 inch long. Not bad for Lake Anna, although 'tis  the season for big Stripers.


Anonymous said...

Nice fish good job. Did you get them on guzz or blue backs Jeff

Anonymous said...

That is a great fish -- congrats --