Saturday, March 28, 2015

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Fishing March 26

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Photo:  Ross, Hyo, and Jack  (Three Reverends)

I took Jim’s advice, rounded up two friends and went fishing.   Having fished with Jim twice in the past 18 months;  I have found his instructing helpful in the art of catching stipers!  I probably asked him more questions than a four year old boy could ever imagine.   (The first 27 years of my life where in Minnesota, and I do have experience in putting fish on the table year ‘round!)   So on Thursday I introduced my friends to catching bait;  hung lanterns at 5 a.m. and by sunrise, we  had netted about 75 blueback herring.   Having said our morning prayers, we set 9 lines from our fishing machine, and began the slow lake tour!  Our first hit was within five minutes.  The rain started at 8 a.m., and wind pushed us around with gust up to 20 mph.  Caught a few punks.  The fish seemed to be scattered all day, and yes, we fished from both sides of the boat!  As we headed into shallower water, we took some serious hits.  The 28 inch stiper discovered my hook in 6 feet of water on a down-line!   The 20 inch greenback found lunch three feet from the bank served up on a planer board!   As the afternoon sun emerged and the temps surged, we laughed, told stories, and just enjoyed good friendship!   Water temps measured 52 -54 degrees.  I have my calendar marked “fishing” for a few days in April for rest and renewal!   If you’re thinking about a fishing trip, give Jim a call.  He has some great guides who will introduce you to a whole new world.   - Ross Halbersma  

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