Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some fun Screen shots

 This shot is of a sunken bridge support that was knocked down prior to flooding the lake. You can see it clearly on the left of the side scan and on the right of the echo page you can see the remains of the two pilings. The small fish are Crappie.

 Here are some inactive Stripers. When I see these fish marking so clearly without any movement [Streaking] the fish are not biting. Remember them and come back later.

 A nice school of bait with inactive fish nearby.
The bait would be broke up if the fish were feeding.

Same deal, non catch-able fish.

All these pics look good, but don't expect to get bit. When bait are in tight balls 
and no motion from the fish it is hard to catch them.
Enjoy the pics and get out there and get you some!

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