Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Major Cold Front

 Bill Siewert and crew
Blurry picture due to wet camera.
 Here is a school of Stripers we found at noon today.

 I popped this pic after catching 6 or 8 fish this morning.

Chirp Definition picking out each individual fish

Rain and Cold, Water Temperature dropped to 78* and Clear.
I was worried about what this front would do to the fish and bait and I found out early. I hung 4 lights for 45 minutes and after no bait gathered I picked them up and hung in a different area. Struggled for bait but by daylight I had 165 in my tanks. Went and picked the guys up and on the way to them saw some fish so I went right back to them. We hit 4 or 5 schools this morning and one around noon. Everything else was just scattered about. It was a very nasty day on the water but by the end of the trip we were happy we did as well as we did. One out of every 4 fish was a keeper but not bad for such a nasty day. Looks like the same weather for tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lowrance numbers. Jeff PS Good luck fishing