Saturday, June 20, 2015

Simrad and Lowrance....Clearly Incredible!

 This is a screen shot that I took while running in Contrary early in the morning to pick up my clients. I am running 18 mph and going over different types of contours. I always am trying to develop a pattern and constantly monitor my depth finder. I did not see any activity over shallow flats and noticed some fish on ledges nearby channels, even at the hour of the morning. I noticed this even after picking my client up so I concentrated looking at deeper ledges that morning which proved to be very productive. The structure on the right side of the screen is a old railroad trestle that is holding a couple of bass 15 to 20 feet deep.

 As I was taking my client back to his dock after limiting out I ran over this nice brush pile. The top half of the screen you can see a bunch of something on the right side of the screen. Side scan reveals that is in fact a tree that was sunk by an angler.A couple of fish [red arches] are buried in the tree.

 After dropping my clients off I turned on downscan overlay which lays downscan [455khz] over my sonar page [200 khz]. I am actually recording from two different transducer onto the same page which give me twice the information. My transducers are mounted side by side to look at the exact same location under the boat. In the echo page on the upper half of the screen you can see bait hugging the bottom and then I run over a tree with Crappie stacked in it. The Crappie usually stack vertically and are the small red arches. You can also see the tree on side scan and a few fish nearby.

 This pic was taken just a few seconds later which reveals even more brush scattered in the area.

I turned the boat and ran over a different tree which shows a couple fish in it as well. Side scan is showing boat pilings on the right side of the screen. The vertical stack of fish on the left are crappie which I probably spooked out of the previous tree with my motor.

I am showing these screen shots not only demonstrate how Simrad and Lowrance leave nothing for the imagination but how an angler can look into structure to see fish and make an educated decision whether to spend time to fish it or move on till they see fish. As a Striper guide I never fish where there are no fish. I want to be as productive as I can be and it sure puts the odds in my favor to be around fish versus where I hope fish will be. How much money do you have tied up in your boat and how much time do you spend fishing countless hours hoping to catch a fish? Put the odds in your favor. Navico is clearly the best choice in electronics. To see all of Navico's products visit Greentop Sporting goods. Their staff are the most knowledgeable in the business and they are there for you not only in coshing a unit but with excellent support after the sale. Anthony [one of our guides] and myself are Pro Staff for Navico and also can assist you with questions you may have once you have your unit installed.

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