Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Whole lot of Stripers

Marty Lockard and Crew

Sunny and HOT, Water temperature 87* and Clear
Today Tony and I took Marty and his friends out to catch a few Stripers. We got up very early and caught 425 baits between us. We picked our crews up at 5:30 and went searching for Stripers. We both hit different areas but today we NEVER found a school of fish. Didn't matter much, after we realized schools were not going to develop we just worked pods of fish throughout the morning. By 10 we had used up all of our baits so we went and caught 150 more and ended up burning all of them up as well. We caught well over 100 Stripers this morning and kept the guys on fish. Although it was hot today fun was had by all. Everyone got to take home plenty of fillets.

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