Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boys Day Out

Benjamin, Ralph and Alec

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
This is my kind of charter, two boys eager to catch fish and their Dad eager to see them catch fish. Right at first light I set them up on a school of Stripers. We no sooner put the baits in the water before the rods started bending over. An hour later we had boated 20 fish a were ready for a break. We hit a couple more ares with limited success then I set up over a 18 foot structure and hooked into a couple of big uns. Benny caught the first big fish and thought he was the cats meow until Alec hooked up and when his fish rolled about 30 yards from the boat everyone gasped. The boys did great today catching about 40 to 50 fish. Not a bad way to spend the morning on the water watching boys catching fish.

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