Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Navico Screen Shots

 This is a screen shot that I popped yesterday morning when we were all over our first school of Stripers. As you can see we had Stripers from 15 to 28 feet deep here. Whenever you see this you should have all your rods hooked up.

 I took this shot a little later in the morning. I lost the deeper schools of earlier on in the day so I decided to look shallower and look what we found....Stripers.

 This shot came from a Lowrance HDS12. It was taken at the same time as the top Simrad screen shot was. In both shots you can clearly see how many Stripers are congregated below the boat. Notice the smaller fish hugging the bottom under the Stripers on the left half of the sonar screen. These are Catfish gobbling up the scraps the Stripers create when they attack a school of bait. Catfish hang below and behind schools of Stripers. Once you start catching Cats, either raise your baits up or get back into the nucleus of the Striper school. The top part of this screen shows side scan doing its job. Each vertical dash is a Striper. I kept the boat positioned right in the middle of the school. Notice I have hundreds of Stripers on both sides of the boat. Without Side scan I could have lost the school within minutes. Are you fishing without this technology? If you are you probably are simply fishing, not catching. Want to get hooked up with a Simrad or a Lowrance at a good price? It's the time of year for Anthony and myself to replace our Pro Staff units. Email me at if you are interested. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, I loved the blog with the VDGIF biologists. They do a great job. I was hoping you could tell us more about there plans for the lake. Like stocking stripers, condition of the lake. Look up Saugeyes on google what do you no about them? And as always thank you for the time you put in. Jeff