Monday, August 24, 2015

Yes Roy CAN Catch fish

Margus, Irina, Ann and Roy

Sunny and Pleasant, water temperature 83* and Clear
A couple of weeks ago I took out a group of guys and Tony took out the rest. As we were departing from the dock the guys on my boat pitied the other boat because Roy was on it and he had a reputation of not being able to catch fish. Well we fished all morning and came back t the dock that day and we had a nice stringer of fish but Tony's boat had 0. After taking pictures that day Roy said his father in law was coming from overseas and loves to fish, would I take them out , even with the monkey on Roy's back. I said Bulls__t, lets go and we will catch plenty of fish. Well if anyone sees a monkey swimming around the lake, it is finally off of Roy's back. We had a lot of fun this morning catching Stripers and Margus will have good memories of fishing in America. Here is a picture of some happy Fishermen.

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