Monday, November 09, 2015

Classic Furniture of Charlottesville [and friends]

Cloudy and cold, then rain, Water temperature dropping to 63* and Clear
After a 80* day last week we finally had some cold weather move in. This morning it was 31* which dropped the water temperature a bit. We took off with high hopes this morning of slaying the Stripers but after 2 hours of fishing 14 lines and only a couple of fish to show for our efforts things were looking mighty grim. I also had another friend out and he was doing just as bad as we were. We were taking short hits and catching only Hybrids. The Barometer had turned the fish off. I fished the same place I did yesterday but the bite was not happening. Right when it started to rain I decided to move back closer to the marina and try something completely different. The move paid off and saved the day. You are looking at some tough men holding up these fish. They were not prepared for freezing temps or the rain which we fished in for more than 3 hours. Tennis shoes and jeans don't repel the rain or the cold very well. They never complained about the weather and hung right in there with me. The only thing that saved them I believe were the little hotty that Robert brought along for the charter. [not pictured here] The charter today was a gift to Robert to celebrate his birthday, one which he will not forget.       HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!

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