Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fun with the kids

Joe, Hope, Michael and Mark
Partly cloudy and cool, Water Temperature 66* and clear
Today was one of the days I look forward to...Dads with their kids and beautiful weather. When we departed from the dock this morning I told Michael he needed to send me pictures tomorrow of his bruises that he is going to have on his stomach after reeling in so many Stripers. Well he is going to be bruised after today. We started off not being able to keep up with the action. I could not keep up with the kids baiting hooks! They warmed up real fast reeling in Stripers this morning. Fishing was good until boats started coming by us spooking the fish. We had a good two hours of action then we had to leave for a pit stop. We went back out and hit the area where we fished earlier but the fish were not cooperating so I made a move. We got into a completely different pattern and had a ball. We went through 130 baits today. Joe took some video of the kids catching fish, can't wait to see some.

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