Thursday, November 19, 2015

Simrad Screen Shots

 These are a couple of schools of Threadfin shad. The left screen is traditional sonar and the right screen is downscan. With downscan you can actually distinguish each individual piece of bait.
 This is a school of Stripers we worked a couple of days ago. They were scattered for about 2 acres and we could not get bit. I put downlines and pulled boards over them with 0 results. We worked them for 45 minutes then I had to leave them and try something else.

 This is a couple of Stripers around some bait. Whenever we saw this we would hook up. The feeding fish on this day were scattered keying on bait. It pays to be versatile when Striper fishing. Always pay attention  to what puts fish in the boat. Earlier in the morning we were all over Stripers without taking hits. When I saw this we would have multiple hookups. This kind of screen is what we worked the rest of the morning and put 50 Stripers in the boat.

Here again the screen looks almost void of fish but we were hooked up at the time I popped this pic. Notice the large vertical white dash on the right side of side scan with a shadow behind it. That was a nice one that we did not catch.

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