Monday, February 22, 2016

A Challenging Day

 Ian, Eugene, Jim and Erika

 Eugene with a nice Bass

Jim with a 23 inch, 7 pound Citation Bass

Cloudy and Cool, Water temps ranging from 40 to 50 *
Today we started out working a deep flat with down lines. We hooked up immediately and boated a couple fish but the action dies as soon as it started. We worked the area for awhile then I decided to check out similar areas on my Simrad. After looking for 1 1/2 hours and not seeing what I wanted to see I set up over a couple more areas with no success. The Stripers were simply nowhere to be found. Four hours into the morning and the livewell was looking pretty pitiful. Time to change up so I made another move and set out a huge spread of Water Bugzs and planned to work a huge flat from deep to shallow. I saw a few fish deep but it wasn't until I put the boat into 10 feet or less where we started hooking up. After a couple of other hits in skinny water I had their number and we proceeded to wear the fish out. For four hours we never went more than 5 minutes without getting bit. All I time for was baiting and netting fish. I couldn't even get a chance to eat my lunch! The time went by fast and before we knew it it was time to go. We kept 18 Stripers but caught over 50. We also caught a bunch of Largemouths as well. We ended up having a great day and what a day to have it on. Jim and his daughter were celebrating their Birthdays which is tomorrow. 
Happy Birthday Erika and Jim

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Anonymous said...

Fish look healthy -- nice to see a little football belly on them -- Nice on the 2 big ones. --- Live Bait JUNKeeee