Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Good Morning on the Lake

 Nathan, Nate and George

 Nate with a Nice 12 pound Striper

Nate with a Citation Kitty

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature mid 40"s
Today George wanted to take his son out and catch a bunch of fish and also go with me to catch bait so he met me at the marina at 4. We caught bait then went looking for Stripers. I saw a whole lot of bait in a large cove so I slowed down and decided to fish around it. We set out a spread and worked the area till we started taking hits. Once we hit the magic depth I concentrated of keeping the boat on that contour and we proceeded to "Spank" the fish. Before we knew it we had caught over 20 Stripers and this nice Catfish. We took the fish back to High Point, weighed the two big 'uns and popped a picture. Nathan is in the pic because Nate could not hold up all the weight of the stringer. George said they have fished the Lake for a long time and only caught one Striper. I guess today I got that monkey off his back. I got back to my house in time for a good mid morning Breakfast.


Unknown said...

Isn't that a blue cat?

Jim Hemby said...

No, John Odenkirk [Biologist for VDGIF]said it was a Channel