Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Simrad Screen Shots

 This is a school of Stripers [arches] under a ball of Herring [center of lower screen]. The vertical lines on my echo page is interference from my front unit that I had on at the time of this shot.

 I was looking for fish traveling about 20mph [left side of screen] when I saw some brush up on top of this hump so I slowed down [yellow boat wash from surface down to 15 feet] to check it out. There are Bass nosed up to the edge of the drop and after going back over the brush there were a couple at the base of the brush pile.

 Here are a few Stripers [arches] next to a whole lot of Gizzard Shad of various sizes. I threw into the shad and could hardly lift the net. Must have caught 150 in one throw ranging from 3 to 12 inches long.

 In this screen shot I had just gone under a bridge [yellow road on map] and noticed Gizzard Shad [chunky marks on the left side of echo page], a small school of Herring [cloud of bait just to the right and above the Gizz], and a school of Threadfin with Stripers underneath them.

 This is a shot of Stripers that I wished would eat our baits. These Stripers were inactive. I can tell by the way the arches are almost perfect and not moving or streaking. Also I pulled baits right through them without any success. You can look at Stripers and tell without fishing them if they are active or not. These fish were in somewhat of a thermal shock after the water temps dropped to 42*.

 This is a shot of 3 to 5 inch Gizzard Shad. I can tell by the size of the chunks on the echo page. Side scan and down scan also help verify the size of the baits. I made one throw on these and filled my tank up. The dark blue area on the right side of my side scan 50 to 100 feet out is the shadow of the channel.

 This is a shot of Herring scattered from 10 to 15 feet deep relating to this rock pile. Notice on the left side of my side scan all the rocks.

In this shot we were working a hump that rose up to 30 feet out of 50 feet of water. Stripers were scattered in a half dozen places on the 6 acre hump is small pods of 20 to 30 fish. We pulled baits through all of the pods but the fish were not active and would not respond to our offerings. I located these Stripers while running about 30mph and turned back around. I told my crew that they were not streaking and that we may not get bit but it had been a long day and it was worth a try. The horizontal line at 24 feet is a bait that we pulled through the schools. We basically bumped them in the heads with no response from them.

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