Friday, June 03, 2016

Another Fishy Day on Lake Anna

Zeke, Eugene, Bob, Jim and Tony

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 82* and Clear
This morning I caught bait and picked up Jim and his friends at High Point at 5:30. We went away from the crowds and put out a spread and started catching fish immediately. After 30 minutes we started looking for schools and found them within 5 minutes. We worked on them until Zeke lost a hummer then it was over. We located another school about 300 yards away and worked on them. After awhile we needed a break so I stopped by the marina then went out and hit school after school. It was a fun morning on the water with some fun friends. This is just the beginning of a great summer bite. Better get out and get you some, VDIGF has done a wonderful job of managing the lake and Stripers are plentiful.

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