Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July 4th afternoon

 Andrew and Phillip



Phillip called this morning at 8 am wanting to go fishing. I was already out there with my group and I had plans this afternoon so I called Tony and he said he would take them. We set the trip up to pick them up at 10:30 after I dropped my guys off. By then the boat traffic was rocking and the thought of catching fish was not good. Tony went out searching for schools but none were to be found. His persistence paid off and put these guys on some nice Stripers even though the boats were churning the water up to 2 foot waves. He popped a pic of the 2 guys acting like they were sleeping which sometimes does happen when we are searching for fish. The absolute worse time to fish is in the afternoon on the busiest day of the year but they pulled it off for a good stringer and some great memories.

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