Monday, July 03, 2017

Simrad Screen Shots

 In this pic we are pulling a herring at 28 feet [white horizontal line] through some small Stripers.

 Here we are dropping our sinker and bait [diagonal marks on left side of pic] into some small Stripers. The solid line on the left going down is the harder sinker, the faint line is a herring.

 Small Stripers again. Notice how small the dots are on side scan.

 Great definition on the right side of side scan showing concrete sections of a railroad trestle that was blown up prior to filling the lake.
Here I was running about 20mph [left third of the sonar screen] and saw schooling fish [small red marks] then slowed down to take a better look. The yellow marks in the upper 20 feet on the right side are air bubbles as my boat was coming off plane. Once I stopped I saw more fish on side scan to the left of the boat, turned the boat that direction, put out down lines and most of the rods hooked up.

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Rob said...

Great information, Jim, please keep it coming.