Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Morning

Todd, Carter, Gary, Robert and Jim

Sunny and Hot, water Temperature 88* and Clear
Today we departed at daylight and I found a school within 2 minutes of leaving the marina. I had to teach the guys how to deploy the baits and turn the boat back to put them back on the fish. I called Tony over in the other boat but shortly after he got there 4 other boats encroached on us. It's not so bad running 50 to 75 yards away from us reeling in fish but two boats that were trolling ran their boats right up to us and threw breaking fish!!! One of them actually pulled right beside me as we were catching fish and left his twin motors running while he cast at the fish we were working. Naturally the fish spooked and the school dispersed not to be found again. Instead of catching a dozen Stripers out of the school we only boated 6. I guess that's what you get for fishing on lake Anna on the weekend. After looking for the school for 20 minutes we went to where no other boats were in sight and set up on some fish and were successful till wake boarders used our boat as a buoy to ski around. We ended up catching plenty of fish but myself and my clients know better than to try to enjoy fishing on the weekend again.

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