Monday, May 14, 2018

Didn't get Punked today!

Walter [Thumbs], Austin, Punk Sr., Eric and Punk Jr.

Sunny and Pretty, Water Temperature 80* and Clear

Today stated off cloudy so I pulled boards over 5 to 25 foot flats. We took a lot of hits but after going through about 40 baits with only 5 keepers I decided to change the game plan. The sun had come out and I was ready to put these guys on some fish but I don't think they quite knew what they were in store for. After about 45 minutes of madness I started running low on baits so I went and threw and in one throw put 100 more baits in the tank. I was ready then so I put the guys on the fish and we wore them out. Today we took well over 100 strikes, boated 70 Stripers [give or take a couple], and caught over thirty keepers, releasing the healthy ones.  
Prayers go out to Punk Sr., best wishes on your treatments.
Can't wait to get you back out there to show the boys how its done!  540 967 3313
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