Sunday, May 20, 2018

Simrad Screen Shots

 These are two screen shots using chirp with a TM-150 ducer and broadband on 200khz. 

This is the same shot as the pic above using downscan on a 3D ducer
Here is a nice screen shot on sidescan of a rock pile
Downscan on the left with Navionics chart on the right.

This time of year we are fishing huge schools of Stripers. Good electronics and the knowledge of how to use them and how to interpret what you are looking at separate the boys from the men, the difference in catching 15 fish a morning or 100 fish a morning.  If you would like to step your game up a couple of notches and catch a bunch of Stripers book a trip with us. Contact us and reserve a charter, you will be glad you did!  540 967 3313

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