Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lake Anna Stripers Thursday Morning

 Guess we found them today???

 Don and Bubba put Chase, Kenneth, Lisa and Hunter on the Stripers 

 Anthony, Bobby, Jerry and "Bat"

 Hunter, Tripp and Irvin had fun with Tony today

 Dale put Henry [above] and Josh [below] on some quality fish

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temp 82* and  clear
This morning I located a school of Stripers [above screen shot] on my Simrad and as we were deploying the baits I called out on my radio to the other guys and they came a running. As we were reeling in fish Don came first and sat down not far from us and hooked up numerous rods. Tony drug his feet coming to us but he got about 300 yards from us and slammed on the brakes because that was how big the school of Stripers were. Dale showed up trolling and I glanced at all our boats and it looked like fire drills with everyone reeling in fish and running around boats. In the madness I kept hearing people hollering fish on and laughing  from all the boats. We were able to follow the school for about an hour before we ran out of bait and all of us had to go catch more. After catching bait we located numerous other schools and wore our clients out reeling in Stripers. 
If you and your friends would like to see what the 
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