Friday, July 06, 2018

I think we are on "um ! Lake Anna Stripers

 Bill, Ron, Tom, Amanda, Edwin
with Bryan

 Mark, Larry, Lloyd, Alec 
with Tony
Adam, Vance and Scott

Cloudy and warm, Water Temperature 91* and Clear
This morning Bryan, Tony and myself had trips and by the looks of the stringers of Stripers we did a good job putting our clients on fish. We try to locate schools of Stripers, catch them and keep up with them as they are constantly moving. It becomes quite the challenge when 6 or 8 boats see us catching fish and surround us making it difficult to stay on the school. We try to locate fish where there are no other boats to give our clients a chance to catch fish and have fun but today it would only take a few minutes for the other boats to find us. We ended up leaving fish and moving, locating other schools away from others to catch these nice limits. Hope everyone fishing the lake today had success. July fishing is going to be incredible, contact us to reserve your morning on the lake with one of our great guides.  540 967 3313

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