Thursday, May 09, 2019

Another great morning on Lake Anna

 Tucker and Bradley

A net full of Herring and a Largemouth

Cloudy, water temperature 76* and Clear
Tried to catch bait early this morning but after 2 hours only had 72 so we went with what we had. I started on a flat pulling boards because it was so cloudy and I thought the fish would be shallow if they wanted to feed. I only almost got two boards out before we started hooking up. For 40 minutes we constantly had fish on and never could I get my spread out. After going through half our baits we pulled off that flat and went in search of more bait. We located some and I threw and caught 20, threw again and caught 40 then threw again and caught over 200. I had trouble just moving the net up to the boat. I had to dump the net full of bait [with a largemouth in it] because there was no way I could lift it out of the water. I threw again, caught over 100 and we were good to go. We hit four or five more places and caught fish most places we went. We caught a bunch of fish today and had a great time doing it.
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