Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers are Chewing!

For 40 minutes we this is what we were looking at on my Simrad.
When you see this is is non stop action and easy to catch 20 to 
30 fish an hour. For the next few months this bite will only get better.

 Mel, Ken and Stuart
After fishing to mornings in a row catching well in excess of 100 fish
their thumbs are raw and they need a break to recuperate. 

Butch and Cody

Bryan and I had charters this morning and got out extremely early to catch enough bait to have enough for this incredible bite we are on. I put 250 baits in my Bluewater Bait tank and by 10 am had used up every one of them. Now that is action! We are in the middle of a cold front, water temps dropped 5 degrees, air temp this morning was in the low 40's, making fishing a little more difficult than normal. I looked for schools for over an hour this morning till I found what I wanted to see. Once we found them my clients who I also had yesterday were ready to go and it didn't take long for all the lines to hook up. Bryan's clients were a little pessimistic this morning when they got in the boat with him telling him if they catch just one fish they would call this trip a success. Well when Bryan put them on the Stripers their attitudes changed real quick. All I could see was smiles on their faces as they ran from rod to rod reeling in Stripers. Together we caught over 100 Stripers and everyone went home with a memory they will never forget. Lake Anna is Great!

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