Monday, May 18, 2020

A bunch of wet boys having a whole lot of fun!

 Steed with his first Citation Hybrid

 Dylan wrestled this pig into the boat, largest fish 
of the morning

Wyatt, Dylan, Emory and Steed

Rain and east wind, Water Temperature 70* and Clear
Today was a special day taking out these four energetic boys to 
catch Stripers on Lake Anna. Although we had a bad wind and 
plenty of rain today it did not dampen their enthusiasm. We caught 
about 25 Stripers and 6 Catfish which kept them busy. Steed continued
our daily run on boating Citations with his 25 inch Hybrid which gave 
him a good fight. We are on the verge of changing to summer paterns
which produces the best fishing of the year. Stripers school by the 
thousands in the summer. We start the mornings off with a minimum
of 200 baits with our catches ranging from 50 to 150 Stripers per 
morning. Our best morning was a couple of years ago in late May 
when I took five anglers out and caught 270 Stripers by 1 o'clock!
This time of year you need at least four anglers to even begin to handle
all the action. If you would like to fish with the pro's and enjoy a morning
on beautiful Lake Anna contact us at  540 967 3313

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