Thursday, May 14, 2020

Our Clients caught 4 Citations today

 JJ with two Mega Citation Bass he caught within a half an hour.

 Doug with a Monster Striper

 JJ was on fire today, this is his Citation Hybrid

 Dennis with his Citation Hybrid

 Dennis, Jay and Doug

 Troy, Scott and Lyn

JJ and John, 2 Citation Bass and a Citation Hybrid

Today Don, Bryan and myself took our clients out and laid the 
smack down on the fish today. JJ caught 3 Citations within an 
hour this morning, Don's crew banged that big Striper and a 
Citation Hybrid, and Bryan shocked his clients with constant 
early morning action and limited out before they knew what hit 
them. This is what we do folks, we put our clients on nice
respectable keeper fish. We keep our limits if our clients enjoy
eating fish and we release at least that many more every day to 
fight again. If you would like to enjoy a memorable morning on
beautiful Lake Anna fishing with professionals, Contact:  540 967 3313

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