Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jeff, Tyler, Greg and Tim "The Pile Driver'' Ivey

July 6, 2006 : Cloudy and Rain, Water temp 82*

Caught bait in the rain this morning and picked clients up at High Point at 5:30 am and went in search of Stripers. Didn,t have to look far before I found a small school to break my clients in on . After schooling the guys on what to do I put them on a nicer school in 32' of water and they began to have some fun. The guys kept trying to teach Tyler how to fish but after Tyler put the first 4 fish in the boat Dad and the 2 uncles realized maybe they better get with the program. The schools of Stripers were moving fast this morning and I had to run and gun to keep up with them. Uncle Tim finally caught on after we hit a few schools and it wasn't long before we caught 30 Stripers along with a few Cats. Clients kept 20 nice Stripers and we were off the water by 10 am. Another good morning of fishing on Lake Anna. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER

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