Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ray Wade, Steve Taylor, Todd Anderson, Joey Willard, Mark 'I didn't touch the line" Joseph and Jeff Griffin

July 20, 2006, Sunny and Hot, Water temp 87*
Caught bait easily this morning and picked clients up at High Point at daylight. Cruised for 10 minutes and located some breaking fish but could not put anything together so we left to find another school. Got into a school in 28' of water and lost 2 nice fish right out of the box but also caught a couple . Hit a few more schools but the bite was slow. Decided to leave that area and relocate to a new area, found a school and caught a few and lost a few more. Eventually found a nice school and 5 lines hooked up at once but we lost3 of them. Had 75 hits today, mostly cats with clients keeping 10 Stripers and 6 Cats.

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