Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Senior Saghafi, Jeff [Hammer] Collins and Andy Trauger

July 18, 2006 , Sunny and Hot 100*, Water temp 90*
Caught Herring easily this morning[2 casts ] , picked up clients at 5:30 and went in search of a school of Stripers. Haven't been on the water in 9 days [went on a bike trip with friends] so I did not know what to expect. Found a school in 35' of water and put downlines baited with herring on them and caught a couple before the school vanished. Found another school and put downlines on them but they moved off quickly also. Repeated this drill 4 or 5 more times, getting on decent schools but the fish not eating properly or simply moving off. With the water temp rising up to 90 I figured the fish were lethargic and had to do something different so I decided to go catch some Gizzard Shad. On the first throw I lost a $100 net. Bummer. Anyway I caught some big shad and went and found 2 more schools of fish. Got plenty of small fish and Cats but just could not put decent fish in the boat. I finally made one last move to a spot and put a 7 pounder in the boat , put a 10" Gizz on a line and Guess What? Senior let Jeff reel in a fish cause Jeff had not caught a fish in 20 minutes and it happened to be a 38 1/2" Striper. The fish weighed 18 pounds and qualified to be a Va. Citation. Seniors good deed got his picture along side of Jeff's with the fish.

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