Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wayne and Blaine Simmons, Aubrey Seay and Don Ripley

July 27,2006 : Sunny and Very Hot, Water Temp 88*

Caught bait easily this morning and picked clients up before daylight and hit the water early to beat the heat. Checked 30 to 40 foot flats from the splits down to Dike 2 and didn't see a fish, Came back up and went up a creek and located a school in a major channel bend and put downlines on them and started getting hits although most fish that would bite were small. The school moved on to the next channel bend and we started catching nicer fish. After 40 minutes we lost that school and we looked for 2 more hours until we found some fish in 22'. We worked them for a while then moved on. The fish today just didn't want to eat. We had close to 200 hits, caught 15 Stripers, a dozen Cats, 3 Bass and a 10 pound Carp.

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