Thursday, August 30, 2007

Al, Zach and Maddie Matarazzo with Jonathan Reigle

August 30, 2007 : Party Sunny and warm, Water Temp 84* and clear.
Picked Al up at his dock at 5 and went and caught 100 Herring then went and caught 30 Gizzards. Set up on a few groups of Stripers but just like the 3 previous days the fish were not hungry in the early AM hours. Went and picked up the rest of the crew and went fishing for a couple of hours. Set up on a school in 25 ' , worked them for 10 minutes and realized they were not going to hit so we left them and found some more . Put downlines on them and got two of them in the boat before the school spooked. Hit a couple of more areas before finding a flat with numerous groups of Stripers stacked on the breaks. We worked these fish for an hour before my clients had to go in for lunch. Clients kept 4 fish for a lunch and released the other fish caught today.

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