Monday, August 20, 2007

Deno and Kerri Barcia with Mike Tainsh, Al Vacla and Robert Gande

August 20th, 2007 : Rain, lightning and cool, Water Temp 83* and Clear.
Picked clients up at 5:30 with a major thunder storm rocking the skies west of us and it started to pour . Went to where I have been catching bait but the weather front had made it move. Looked for about an hour for bait and finally caught it over 30 feet of water balled up. I was very concerned about the day, not just being a nasty day for my regular clients but with the barometer crashing and moving the bait I thought it may have influenced the Stripers as well. Decided to start off with Planner boards this morning and ran a 15' flat with Gizzards and Herring. Worked it for 25 minutes with Kerri taking only one fish so we went looking for downline fish. Looked on several 25 to 35' flats , saw plenty of fish but all were spread out horizontally, nothing bunched up. Kept looking till we found lots of Stripers , put Herring in their faces and they would not eat. Went and found another school with similar results. The crew got cold and we went and got coffee to warm us up , went out and caught some more bait and looked some more. Couldn't find what we wanted so we decided to go back to where we fished this morning and got almost there when Dino spotted a couple of breaking fish. I turned around and we set up on them and the fish cooperated. It was a long day today, clients had 90 strikes, caught 17 Stripers and a few Kitties. Tomorrow they are forcasting a possible tornado in the area.

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