Friday, August 10, 2007

Chance and Herb Younker, Devin and Cody Baker, Ricky Hashmall and Chris Githens

August 10th, 2007, Partly Cloudy and Hot, Water Temp 90*.
Picked clients up and went and caught 150 Herring. Set up this morning on 4 or 5 different locations with fish but the fish were lethargic. We went through the baits and went and caught more. Found a school and set up on them with downlines and caught a few but lost them after 15 minutes. Found them again and proceeded to where them out.{ The guys} Went through 100 baits in less than 30 minutes and went and caught 150 more. Came back and found a school and burnt 125 more baits up on the Stripers. The fish this morning when it was cloudy would not hit the baits to feed, just to kill the baits. Once the sun came out it was like turning a light switch on and the Stripers fed. We caught about 20 Stripers today along with 10 Catfish.

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