Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earl Mielke with guests Roland, Thierry, Yannick, Christian Schweizer and Mike Siber

August 16th, 2007. Sunny and warm, Water Temp 88* and Clear.
Got out before daylight and went and caught 200 herring. Before I could leave to go pick up my clients the water erupted around me with Stripers as far as I could see. I got a free line and tossed it out with a Herring on it at as soon as it hit the water a fish blew up on it. I reeled it in and tossed another Herring out and got Jammed again and repeated the same scenario 4 more times before I just had to leave to pick up my clients. Got them in the boat and raced back to the fish, told my clients how to set out downlines and never slowed down until 8:15 when I completely ran out of bait. Went and caught 200 more Herring and looked at a few more places but the buzzards were eyeing me so I left and went someplace completely different away from the other boats. It took about 5 minutes for me to find a school and we put the baits in their faces and they responded by attacking our baits. By 11am we had had another 100 hits and Earl said he had to make a choice, whether to stay and keep fishing or go home to save his marriage. You see he is having a party for 35 people this afternoon at 5 and his wife needed him home to help get ready. His guests from Switzerland said in their country the women prepare for the parties while the men enjoy life and I aggreed with them but Earl decided to get his Butt home [not only for his marriage but to take a nap before the party]. Plenty of action today and plenty of Stripers to take home for the grill.

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