Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Hinspater and Family

March 26th, 2008 : Sunny and Windy, Water Temps 53* to 55* and Clear.
Caught Herring early and threw for Gizzards for 3 hours with limited success and went fishing. Found a school near the bottom in 28 feet of water and worked them with downlines but the fish would not feed. Went and caught some Gizz and found some more deep fish and worked them for a few hours getting at least 30 strikes, mostly in the tails. We fished hard today to catch 8 Stripers and a couple of Catfish. Todays trip was a benefit for The United Way through Dominion Electric, thanks Dave for the great donation.

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Anonymous said...

Who is the guy in the back that is afraid to touch the fish??

Dave needs to use some sunblock!