Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeff and Brock Adams with Kelly and Logan Gletner

March 28th, 2008 : Sunny , Windy and Warm, Water temp 54* and Clear.
Got out early and hung a light for bait, picked the crew up early because they wanted to learn how to catch bait. Threw once on the light and had all the bait I needed and we went and set up on a deep flat protected from the winds by a high hill with trees. I set up 10 Planner boards and a bobber and just as I got the last board out the action began. Little Logan jumped up and grabbed the rod and for the next 5 minutes he wished he hadn't cause a 10 pound Striper wanted to whip his but and almost did! While he was fighting his fish another board went off and Brock grabbed the rod and fought it for a couple minutes, masterfully working his fish around the boat keeping his fish separated from Logans. The two boys had just put 18 pounds of Stripers in the boat and once they got their pictures taken, they announced they wanted to have a tournament against their Dads. For the next 3 hours we continued to get strikes about every 10 minutes or so. The Dads tried to keep up with the boys but fell a little behind after Jeff lost a few in a row. [The boys made up rules as they went along, not allowing the Dads to reel in other fish once they lost one]. We had to go and catch bait and then fished similar patterns with equal success. By the end of the "tournament" , the boys kicked some Dads Butt. Today we had 36 Strikes, boating 14 Stripers. Brock had the largest, a nice 12 pounder.

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